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Victim Advocacy. The Audrain Sheriff's Office provides a victim advocacy unit. You may contact the Sheriff's Office Victim Advocates at 573-473-5801, extension 231. If you are a victim of a crime you may call them to receive an update on your case and the investigation process.

The Missouri Sheriff's Association also has a crime victim advocacy unit. You may reach them at 573-635-5925. If you are a victim of a crime within Audrain County, and you call the Sheriff's Association crime victim advocacy unit, they will coordinate their assistance to you with the crime victim advocacy unit of the Audrain Sheriff's Office.

Crime Victim Notification is provided by the Missouri Victim Automated Notification System (MoVANS), a service of the Missouri Department of Public Safety's Crime Victim Services Unit.

MoVANS allows victims to register to receive notifications by phone and/or e-mail regarding changes in the status of offenders (custody status) and protection orders (issuance, service, hearing reminders, expiration reminders).

Please use the links below to access MoVANS or call 1-866-566-8267.

Ex Parte & Protection Order Notifications

  • Notification calls will be made by the system every 30 minutes after the event (issuance or service of protection order) until the line is picked up.
  • Notification calls will be made by the system every 2 hours after the event if the line is picked up but the PIN code is not entered correctly.
  • Notification calls will continue for 24 hours after the event or until the PIN code is entered correctly.

Download the MoVANS brochure.

To contact the Missouri Sheriff's Association Crime Victim's Unit visit www.mosheriffs.com and click on Crime Victim Unit in the upper right hand corner of the home page.

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