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How can I tell if I'm being abused?

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The most difficult step for you to take is to actually admit that you are being abused by your spouse or partner. Yet, admission is the very first step necessary in finding your way out of an abusive relationship. How can you tell if you are being abused?

Ask yourself these simple questions:

  1. Does your spouse/partner prevent you from seeing your family or friends?
  2. Does your spouse/partner constantly criticize you and your abilities?
  3. Does your spouse/partner intimidate or threaten you?
  4. Does your spouse/partner hit, punch, slap, beat or kick you?
  5. If you have a firearm in your home, has your spouse/partner ever threatened to use it against you?
  6. Has your spouse/partner ever prevented you from leaving your home, getting a job, or continuing your education?
  7. Has your spouse/partner ever destroyed items that you cared about?
  8. Has your spouse/partner ever forced you to have sex or forced you to engage in sex that makes you feel uncomfortable?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you should seek professional help because you may be in an abusive relationship. Millions of women are struggling with similar difficulties. Perhaps you and your partner can work through these problems. But, if you feel you are in danger, you owe it to yourself to seek help and support.

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